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Want to ride somewhere new? Want to support the sport? Check out these great events and organizations.

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Services - Finding the right bike

With so many great bikes on the market these days, which one do you pick? We can make your decision much simpler. After listening to your plans, we ask a few key questions--steering you to the bike that fits your style, your body, and your budget.

Here are some questions you may want to ponder before you shop:

Where do I want to ride? Bike paths? Paved roads? Dirt roads? Rough trails? Maybe a little of everything?

How long do I expect to be out? Around the block? Half an hour? An hour or two? All day?

Am I looking for style? Comfort? Speed?

Am I Average? Heavy? Lean? How is my flexibility? How is my back?

What is my budget? Should I budget for accessories like a helmet and riding gear, or do I just want to hop on the bike and go?

Once you are honest with what you want and what you expect, we can recommend a style of bike, and fit you to a size that will work for your body proportions and fitness.

We will even fine-tune the fit of the bike after you ride it for a while. The more you ride, the more your tastes and fitness may evolve, but most bikes can adapt with you!

bike repair

Maintenance and repairs

Standard Tune up:

We remove the wheels, adjust wheel bearings, align rims, check tires, lube the shift and brake cables, adjust brakes, adjust shifting, adjust steering and crank bearings, and lube the drivetrain.

$49.99 plus parts.

Drivetrain Cleaning:

‚ÄčThe drivetrain is the chain, the cogs on the rear wheel, and the chainrings on the crank. This service is a complete removal of the parts from the bike, a scrub in our ECO-solvent parts washer, a quick rinse, drying with compressed air, application of fresh chain lube. This level of cleaning can not be duplicated on the bike with a "chain scrubber".

This is a great service to minimize wear and buildup of gunk.


Itemized Repairs:

Tire punctures are our most common stand-alone fix. This includes removing wheel, locating the hole, removing any sharp objects from the tire casing, fitting a new tube, and reinstalling the wheel.

$12 and up.

Most other itemized adjustments start at $10 per item.

Major Overhaul:

This is a complete teardown of the bike, full cleaning and rebuilding of wheel bearings, crank bearings, and steering bearings. We replace all shift cables and housings, brake cables and housings (or bleed hydraulic brakes), complete a full tune-up and drivetrain cleaning. This is typically a service done to maintain a high-performance bike or restore a vintage bike.

$199.99 plus parts

Suspension Services:

Fork and shock overhaul labor starts at $60 per item. Seal/wiper kits are typically $20/rear and $35/front. Some forks may require a damper oil change as well.

Suspension pivot replacement on rear-suspension systems starts at $100 and often requires 6-10 new cartridge bearings which are pressed in.

The service typically requires rear wheel removal, crank removal, and derailleur re-adjustment in some cases. This is also a good time to check and replace rear shock pivots and bushings as well.