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Our Experience

Our Experience

We're now in our 14th season serving the area! We work hard and get things done.

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Group Rides

Group rides

Every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6pm from May through September we host group rides.

Tuesday night is a road bike ride that takes us to a new place every week. We meet at the shop at 6pm and ride for a few hours depending on the daylight and time of year. This is usually a group of 6-10 riders, but can be as many as 20 when the days are long and warm.

We often enjoy riding up Interstate Parkway into Allegany State Park where the roads are quiet, and the trees offer some shade from the heat. Other nights we may take a loop toward Derrick City and Red Rock Hill and ride the Hilltop to Droney Road and Lewis Run.

If the hills are not your style, we break up into groups and ride some flatter terrain to West Corydon Reservoir, or out to Limestone or Lewis Run. We are happy to include riders of all levels and break up into faster and slower groups, so don't worry if you are slower. We will make sure you have fun! Rides vary in length from 15-40 miles.

Thursday night is our trail ride. This can be a rag-tag group off all sorts. We often ride some roads to get to the trails and make loops to Limestone, Allegany State Park, Indian Pipe Trail, and the Marilla/Stickney/Langmaid Lane trails.

The ride is often followed up by some food and beers on the Corner Bar deck or Rookies Sports Bar. We even do a few one-way shuttle rides to the Willows Restaurant in Willow Creek. They serve a rack of ribs and pony buckets of beer that taste great after a hot ride in the woods. Rides vary in length from 10-25 miles.

We Ride

ride with us

We ride for utility. We ride for fun. We ride with you!

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Ride guidelines

Group ride guidelines

Helmets are required!

Lights and a flashing taillight are a must during early and late season rides as we often return at dusk.

Your bike should be in good working order, and you should have a few rides under your belt. We accommodate beginners, but it's best to have some riding experience before joining the group.

Bring water, some snacks, a spare tube, some cash, and a cell phone if you can. A rain jacket and some warmer layers during cold/wet weather are also recommended.

When riding on public roads (especially in busy areas) stay right and remain in single file! Stay focused and keep chit-chat to a minimum while riding in traffic.

Lead riders should point or call out hazards on the road to warn the group. Look ahead and don't swerve at the last minute to avoid potholes and debris in the road.

Lead riders should call out "car up" if a car is approaching and may be a hazard.

Trailing riders should call out "car back" if a passing car may be a hazard.

Signal with your arms or call out turns, intersections, railroad tracks, or parked cars to let trailing riders know of upcoming dangers.

Stay aware of your surroundings and try to keep the group tight, so cars can pass easily. A strung out group of riders in a busy area is more of a hazard to motorists and the group than a tight group.

Don't overlap wheels. Ride shoulder to shoulder when riding in two lines.

Don't force the pace. This is not a race. If you move to the front, take a steady pull and don't speed up. This is a group ride... you are not trying to break away.

When drafting in a paceline on the road, stay in line. When the front rider is done pulling, he should move left when no cars are coming from behind, and let the line move forward. Don't whip around to the left and pass the rider in front. If you move to the front and don't want to pull, just move left at a safe time, and the paceline will move forward.

Have fun!