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Riding for a cause


Willow Creek Triathlon. Our most popular local event that brings out the best of our community to support transportation for disabled American Vets.

Kinzua Classic. A great local traditional road race

Kinzua Tango. A local adventure race for teams or solo athletes looking to test themselves in multiple disciplines.

PITA. Pain in the Alleghenies is a triathlon in Allegany State Park with distances up to a half Ironman.

6HOP. Six Hours of Power is a multi-lap endurance mountain bike race that takes place at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY, and the surrounding trails of McCarty Hill State Forest.

Raccoon Rally. The local classic! The rally is the last weekend in June right here in Allegany State Park. Mountain bike and Road racing, Observed Trials, and fun for the family!

Marilla Trail Race. This is an off-road running race that winds around the beautiful hills of the Bradford watershed and Marilla Valley. 7 and 14 mile race options to benefit the Tuna Valley Trails.