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  • 42 Mechanic Street
  • Bradford, PA
  • 814-364-9202
  • Summer Hours:
  • Tue-Fri 10-6
  • (closed for lunch 1-2)
  • Sat: 9-1
  • Sun-Mon: Closed

Our Style

Our Style

We don't want to be a big deal. We like being the small shop with big knowledge.

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About us

Riding is a big part of our lives, and we share our enthusiasm for cycling with every customer. We don't follow the "growth for the sake of growth" mindset common in business today.

Our size gives us a more intimate bond with our customers and keeps our level of service high. We are proud to offer the guidance of a specialty bicycle shop to Bradford and the the surrounding region.

A note from the owner:

I've been working in bikes shops since 1992. I've had some great mentors, and learned a lot by just jumping in and trying things for myself. Some things worked and some things didn't. Experience has been been my best teacher, and I bring that experience to the shop every day.

The great thing about this business is learning new things and meeting new people. Many of those people have become a great group of friends. I love the possibilities of every new face that walks in the door, and every bikes that goes out for it's first revolutions of the wheels.


We match you with the right bike, show you great places to ride, and bring riders together.

Choosing the perfect bicycle can be intimidating. We’ll make the process easy and fun!


We can answer any question you have on new products, get you outfitted with the proper gear, and keep you and your bike tuned-up and working the way it should for years to come.

problems of cyclists

Health problems of cyclists

It keeps your heart pumping, promotes the immune function, and lowers the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Cycling on a regular basis is proved to make you smarter and healthier. But riding the bike and wearing daily the same footwear increases the chance to get onychomycosis, requiring the use of ZetaClear. Read more about the health problems of cyclists and how to get better naturally.

Cycling: health benefits and risks

It takes you to your destination faster, and it also improves your overall health. Riding your bicycle each day increases the blood circulation throughout your body, slows down aging, and protects your cardiovascular system. Did you know that your sleep will improve if you have a regular cycling session every few days? Plus, it boosts your brain power, regulates the bowel movements, prolongs your life, and enhances your sex drive.

Although cycling comes with numerous health benefits, it also has several risks. Men who ride the bike 9 hours a day or more have more chances to develop prostate problems. According to the information published on https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3060010/, cyclists have a higher exposure to air pollution, and they can be involved in accidents. Other health risks of those who frequently ride their bike include foot pain, heat exhaustion, dehydration, dermatitis, staph infections, fibromyalgia, cramps, knee injury, and fungal nail infections.

Wearing the same pair of shoes when cycling and not disinfecting it means that germs will thrive in their moist and dark environment. Fungi can affect the skin between the toes, causing athlete’s foot, or the nails and the surrounding tissues, leading to onychomycosis. With ZetaClear, the fungal nail infection will disappear, and the toenails will regain their health and luster. The potent combination of oral homeopathic spray and a local solution will combat onychomycosis safely so that you can enjoy cycling without experiencing any discomfort.

Cure nail problems with ZetaClear

After each biking session, disinfect your footwear thoroughly. Wash and clean your feet, then apply the ZetaClear solution on all of your toenails. The discoloration associated with onychomycosis will disappear in a few weeks. Once you finish the 6-month treatment, make sure that the infection will not reoccur. Discard your old shoes, if possible, or use disinfectant sprays to kill the fungi. Always pack an extra pair of socks when going for a ride, and use it when your feet are sweaty.

Preventing is considerably easier than treating the nail fungal infection. But how can you achieve that, when you’re all day long on slopes, training on your bike? Try foot deodorants, wear shoes that let your skin breathe, and avoid injuring your toenails. Use ZetaClear, don’t walk barefoot in public spaces, and never share your personal items (towel, socks, nail tools) with others.

Many health problems of cyclists can be prevented if you listen to your body and avoid exhausting yourself. Stop for a deep breath when you need it, and treat onychomycosis when your toenails are yellow, distorted, and thickened. Use ZetaClear to eliminate the nail fungal infection, drink as much water as you need, and be confident that you will experience only health benefits when practicing cycling. Enjoy the ride!

Our Experience

Our Experience

We're now in our 14th season serving the area! We work hard and get things done.

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Group Rides

Group rides

Every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6pm from May through September we host group rides.

Tuesday night is a road bike ride that takes us to a new place every week. We meet at the shop at 6pm and ride for a few hours depending on the daylight and time of year. This is usually a group of 6-10 riders, but can be as many as 20 when the days are long and warm.

We Go Places

places to ride

Want to ride somewhere new? Want to support the sport? Check out these great events and organizations.

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girl bike

Finding the right bike

With so many great bikes on the market these days, which one do you pick? We can make your decision much simpler. After listening to your plans, we ask a few key questions--steering you to the bike that fits your style, your body, and your budget.

Here are some questions you may want to ponder before you shop:

Where do I want to ride? Bike paths? Paved roads? Dirt roads? Rough trails? Maybe a little of everything?

Stay up to date

Riding for a cause


Willow Creek Triathlon. Our most popular local event that brings out the best of our community to support transportation for disabled American Vets.

Kinzua Classic. A great local traditional road race

Contact us!

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If you have any questions please contact us right here.


place to ride

Places to ride

Some of the best place to ride are right here!

Just riding around town can be a pleasure. You can run errands, ride to local stores and restaurants, take in the scenery and have fun in the process.